Person Centered Care Ltd,Office 6, Sterling House, 29 Victoria Street, Kettering, NN16 0BU

Learning Disability Care

PCC supports Individuals with Learning and or Physical Disabilities to be able to live more fulfilling lives in the community. People with Learning Disabilities tend to have other physical and emotional conditions and PCC aims to provide a service that caters for all the needs of our clients by treating them as Individuals with rights and freedom of choice. This is achieved through the provision of dedicated, well trained and experienced staff for every client.

The range of support services we provide are person-centred and designed to reflect the individuality of the people we support. We build on people's strengths and abilities to preserve and promote their independence

Autism Care

PCC provides support to individuals on the different Autism Spectrum including Asperger Syndrome. We enable Individuals with Autism to develop their communication skills through the use of visual communication strategies, objects of reference and other communication aides.

We also support individuals with autism to develop their skills in activities of daily living such as taking care of their personal hygiene, managing their dietary needs and carrying out routine house chores. We have fully trained staff who have a vast knowledge of the various Autistic Spectrum Disorders, including Asperger Syndrome.